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32 - 48oz/ac


(branded as Fender in certain markets)

Nematicide for use in organic production

NEMAKILL is an OMRI listed nematicide for use in organic production to control soil nematodes on food and non-food crops. NEMAKILL is made of natural oils and acts directly when in contact with the insect. NEMAKILL is an effective product to enhance the action of pesticides and fertilizers when they are used in a mixture.


  • OMRI listed
  • Highly effective & uses low rates & has equivalent activity and residual control to that of synthetic insecticides
  • Does not require PHI (Pe Harvest Interval) nor REI (Reentry Interval) periods

Use Rate Recommendations


Can be used to impact nematode populations affecting a broad variety of crops. Nematode populations it affects include sting nematodes, lesion nematodes, root-knot nematodes, rice nematodes, soybean cyst nematodes, lance nematodes, citrus nematodes, stubby root nematodes, needle nematodes, sheath nematodes, Northern root knot nematodes, Columbia root knot nematodes, Southern root knot nematodes, alfalfa stem nematodes, Pratylenchus spp., foliar nematodes, strawberry spider mites, Radopholus simillis, and others.

Use Rate

32 - 48oz/ac


November 22, 2019


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