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Globally informed solutions.

ExcelAg’s roots are in providing innovative solutions for the agriculture market. We serve multinational growers and local distributors in more than 20 countries across the globe, with solutions for the nutrition, immunization and protection of virtually all crops (fruits, vegetables, grass/hay, etc.). Responding to growers’ needs for more than 20 years, we are the first agrochemical solutions company to offer an end-to-end organic solution. Our global footprint allows us to test solutions in a variety of ecosystems, helping us hone our recommendations to unique grower requirements.


Full suite of organic and chemical solutions

ExcelAg’s longstanding service to customers in the Public Health market began in the Caribbean region and has expanded into North and South America and the Middle East. R&D breakthroughs over the last decade have enabled ExcelAg to expand beyond synthetic products to a fully integrated organic portfolio. We offer solutions for commercial and retail customers, including topical solutions.


For more vibrant golf courses, sports fields & more.

For more than five years, ExcelAg has provided solutions for customers in Turf & Ornamentals sectors including Golf Courses, Turf, Sports Fields and Landscape and Ornamental. We customize solutions to provide more vibrant greens, better flowering, and consistent nutrient solutions to avoid pest issues, while also supplying low-dose, high-efficiency pesticides to help deal with a range of harmful diseases, bugs and nematodes.


An entirely organic line of solutions.

ExcelAg has extensive experience adapting our breakthrough agricultural solutions to develop end-user-centric solutions relevant to the needs of today’s consumers. Our latest line of Home & Garden solutions is entirely organic, covering basic needs from seed, soil, plant and bloom all the way to pest- and weed-control.


Dealing with animal pests organically

ExcelAg's origin in agriculture led to many discussions with farmers, specifically on their needs. These expanded beyond the standard view of agrochemicals, and so we embarked on developing solutions for our customers for their pest issues with cattle, horses, sheep and others. Our Animal Health portfolio, similar to our other lines, boasts a full set of organic products not harmful to animals.


A clean line of products

Sanitizers and cleaning products have had two great pressures. On the industrial front, tightening regulations are impacting many customers in operations, while residential customers are less willing to use chemicals to clean and sanitize their homes. ExcelAg has built a full suite of organic products, including detergents, cleaning products, disinfectants, etc.

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You may or may not have a program that works for you, but there could be opportunities we could tackle together. Are you looking for more performance or for help with a specific problem?

We understand that each grower’s needs will be different – be it based on the crop grown, the quality of the soil on the farm or the climatic conditions. We aim to design SOLUTIONS THAT WORK FOR YOU.

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ExcelAg is an innovative manufacturer focused on discovering, developing and positioning truly impactful and unique solutions, helping growers achieve better quality, harvest and ROI.

Our reach, from a crop and product-breadth perspective, is wide and our demand is continuously growing. We strive to establish good business relationships that work not only for our distribution partners but also, and especially, for your customers.

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ExcelAg carefully selects distribution partners to ensure a win-win relationship for both new and existing partners, with the intent of avoiding overlap.

We deliver:
UNIQUE products
INNOVATIVE solutions
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HIGH efficacy
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Strong agronomic expertise
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Drive to grow and help customers thrive

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