Our Leadership Team

Our Executive Leadership (left to right): David L. Miles, Nely V. Cepeda, Jorge E. Cepeda Sr.

executive-pic-J-Cepeda-Sr-2Jorge E. Cepeda Sr’s 42-year career in the life science business has included general management, marketing, technical, project management and entrepreneurial experience in leading multinational chemical companies with operations in more than 120 subsidiaries around the world.

Today, Jorge Sr. is President of ExcelAg Corp. USA.

Prior to founding ExcelAg Corp. USA with his partners, Dr. David Miles and Nely V. Cepeda Esq., Jorge Sr. served as Regional CEO for Latin America with Aventis CropScience in Mexico City, Mexico. In this capacity, he managed a ~$500 million business and led cross-functional teams to promote innovation and develop new technologies, obtaining 8 patents. He also conducted major restructuring of operations to turn businesses around, implementing new organizations, delivering increased market share and profits.

An Agronomist by training, Jorge Sr. started his career as a Research Assistant with Dow Chemical Company in California, and as a Field Development Biologist with E.I. Dupont de Nemours in California, Arizona and Nevada. He was later recruited by Union Carbide, where he initiated his management career, working in various countries to restructure failing business organizations. Next, he led the Latin America organization for Rhone-Poulenc Agro S.A., based in Miami, driving projects to grow their varied business lines.

Jorge earned a Master’s degree in Plant Protection & Pest Management from the University of California at Davis and is a graduate of the University Pedro Ruiz of Peru. He attended Executive Management training courses at CEDEP in Paris, France.

executive-pic-V-Cepeda-2Nely V. Cepeda, Esq. has an extensive career in corporate law including international experience in Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and USA. Her areas of expertise include trademarks, patents, corporate law and commercial regulatory management.

Today, Nely is Vice President of ExcelAg Corp. USA, responsible for the company’s global operations.

Prior to founding ExcelAg Corp. USA with her partners, Dr. David Miles and Jorge E. Cepeda Sr., Nely was Attorney at law at Amoros Attorney at law firm focusing in international corporate law. Her responsibilities included the analysis on the comparative impact of the corporate laws in the various countries involved for each particular case in the Latin America Region.

Nely started working in civil law at the Court of Appeals Lima, Peru where she was in charge of reviewing the proceedings and then wrote the draft for the final ruling to be issued by the Court of Appeals.

She later joined Pate& De Sola, an international law firm at Caracas, Venezuela, where she was responsible for the corporate legal matters for the Andean Pact region.

To date, Nely continues to operate as a Legal Advisor to non-profit organizations from various Latin American associations based in Mexico, Venezuela and Miami, helping them to comply with all the regulatory frameworks required.

Nely earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law and her Attorney at Law’s degree at the University San Martin, in Lima, Peru.

executive-pic-D-Miles-2Dr. David L. Miles’ 44-year career in chemicals and life sciences has included management, manufacturing, project management, and research and development experience with multinational chemical companies including direct involvement in projects in eleven different countries.

Today, David is Vice President of ExcelAg Corp. USA, heading the company’s global Research & Development platform.

Prior to founding ExcelAg Corp. USA with his partners, Jorge E. Cepeda Sr. and Nely V. Cepeda Esq., David served as Senior Manager Contract Manufacturing and New Product Development with Rhone-Poulenc Agro S.A where he managed the manufacturing and packaging of ~$500 million of pesticide formulations for the global markets.

David also held responsibilities in Global New Product Industrialization, where he coordinated the scale-up & industrialization process for all new formulations. In this capacity, he also directed the installation of cutting edge closed container packaging systems which would be purposed during the launch of major initiatives, including global corn herbicides and pesticides.

After receiving his Ph. D. in Organometallic Chemistry from the University of Southern California, David joined the R&D Division of Union Carbide. He later worked in the R&D division of Rhone Poulenc Agro S.A. in the Formulations Development Group. Among his many feats as an inventor, David developed:

  • new suspension concentrate harvest aid product formulation to enhance biological activity.
  • herbicide water dispersible granular formulation from a low melting solid technical.
  • Created & patented gel formulations with soluble and insoluble active ingredients.
  • Discovered and patented stabilizer for thermally unstable active ingredient.

David has received four patents and has been published several times in major chemical publications.