Correctores de Suelos

  • Humiplant


    Soil corrector

    HUMIPLANT™ effectively restores the soil’s chemical, biological and physical properties making the nutrients in the soil more availab... Continue Reading
  • Nutrisoil™


    Highly concentrated Soil corrector

    NUTRISOIL™ is a highly concentrated mix (25%) of humic and fulvic acid  formulated to effectively restore the soil’s chemical, biolo... Continue Reading
  • Brite LDS

    Brite LDS

    Soil surfactant

    BRITE LDS is a soil surfactant recommended for use on soils that are water repellent, helping professional turfgrass managers to overcome... Continue Reading
  • Iron X

    Iron X

    Specialty Iron Fertilizer

    IRON-X is a specialty Iron Fertilizer designed to correct iron deficiencies that may affect crop health & yields. Continue Reading