Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR)

  • Saeta Gold

    Saeta Gold

    Foliar Fertilizer for improved Structural stability & Health

    Saeta GoldR is a water soluble fertilizer with systemic properties containing soluble Phosphorous and Calcium to supplement plant nutrien... Continue Reading
  • Magnet-B


    Foliar Fertilizer to improve plant health and increase flowering and yield

    MAGNET B™ is a concentrated, systemic foliar nutrient solution containing certain elements beneficial to plant growth, crop development... Continue Reading
  • Growth


    Plant Systemic Nutrition

    GROWTH with Evergreen™ is a balanced nutritional complex containing Evergreen™ to stimulate crop earliness. Evergreen™ contains 22 ... Continue Reading
  • Blooming


    Enhances flower & fruit set

    BLOOMING with Evergreen™ is a systemic foliar fertilizer that enhances flower and fruit set. It is specifically designed to reduce flow... Continue Reading
  • FosfiCal Gold

    FosfiCal Gold

    Systemic Calcium Phosphonate Liquid fertilizer

    FOSFI-CAL™ Gold is a unique Calcium Phosphonate formulated for rapid calcium penetration into the target plant. It is absorbed quickly ... Continue Reading
  • Zinquexx


    Systemic Zinc Phosphonate

    ZINQUEXX™ is formulated to alleviate zinc deficiencies in crops. Zinc is notoriously immobile in plants especially when spraying glypho... Continue Reading
  • Best-K


    Systemic Potassium Phosphonate

    BEST-K™ is a A Potassium Phosphonate designed as a water-soluble formulation, which enhances a plant's vigor and protection against neg... Continue Reading
  • FosfiCal B

    FosfiCal B

    Systemic Calcium & Boron Phosphonate

    FOSFI CAL B is a unique Caclcium Boron Phosphonate liquid fertilizer that stimulates and promotes healthy properties such as plant vigor,... Continue Reading
  • Fosfi-K


    Systemic Potassium Phosphonate

    FOSFI-K is a unique Potassium Phosphonate containing phosphorus and potassium and designed for rapid penetration into the target plant. F... Continue Reading
  • Saeta


    Systemic Calcium Phosphonate Wettable Powder

    SAETA™ is a unique, highly concentrated nutritional complex formulation containing Phosphorous (as phosphite ion) and Calcium that move... Continue Reading
  • Banpak


    Soluble calcium phosphite for improved banana crop

    BANPAK R is a nutritional formula with soluble calcium phosphite designed to  invigorate the plant by supplying calcium and phosphorus(i... Continue Reading
  • Phosphito-CA


    41% Calcium Phosphonate

    PHOSPHITO-CA™ is a unique, high assay, Calcium Phosphonate. (0-40,0, 41% CaO).  Soluble powder formulation that allows fast absorption... Continue Reading
  • Asset


    Correcting Phospohorous and Potassium deficiencies

    ASSETR is a double phosphonate fertilizer designed to correct deficiencies in Phosphorous and Potassium within the plant system. Continue Reading
  • Potafos-K


    30% Potassium Phosphonate

    POTAFOS-K™ is a Potassium Phosphonate (0-30-20) available in water-soluble formulation. With the available Phosphorus and Potassium, PO... Continue Reading
  • FosfiCal WP

    FosfiCal WP

    Systemic Calcium Phosphonate Wettable Powder

    FOSFI-CAL WP™ is a unique, high assay, Calcium Phosphonate in soluble powder formulation that allows fast absorption of its  essential... Continue Reading