Turf & Ornamentals

  • Evergreen Turf

    Evergreen Turf

    Turf Systemic Plant Nutrition

    EVERGREEN TURF™ is a complete liquid systemic nutritional complex specifically designed for T&O markets, Recreational, and Landsca... Continue Reading
  • Bravado


    Fungicide for use in Organic Production

    BRAVADO™  is an OMRI Listed broad-spectrum fungicide for use in Organic Production that provides excellent control of powdery mildew,... Continue Reading
  • Provigorate with Evergreen Technology

    Provigorate with Evergreen Technology

    Seed Nutritional treatment

    PROVIGORATE WITH EVERGREEN™ Technology is an innovative systemic nutritional seed treatment designed specifically to treat turf grass s... Continue Reading
  • Fender


    Nematicide for use in Organic Production

    FENDER is a nematicide for use in Organic Production that is OMRI Listed and provides effective control of both ectoparasitic and endopa... Continue Reading
  • Kondor


    Protectant Fungicide for use in Organic Production

    KONDOR is a protectant fungicide for use in Organic Production that is OMRI Listed and controls a broad spectrum of fungi. KONDOR effec... Continue Reading
  • Mitex


    Insecticide for use in Organic Production

    MITEX is a insecticide for use in Organic Production containing a blend of natural plant oils, tested and proven to quickly kill and con... Continue Reading
  • Papillion


    Specialty Iron Fertilizer

    PAPILLION is a specialty iron fertilizer designed to correct iron deficiencies. PAPILLION is soluble in water and does not produce phytot... Continue Reading
  • Nutrisoil™


    Highly concentrated Soil corrector

    NUTRISOIL™ is a highly concentrated mix (25%) of humic and fulvic acid  formulated to effectively restore the soil’s chemical, biolo... Continue Reading
  • Brite LDS

    Brite LDS

    Soil surfactant

    BRITE LDS is a soil surfactant recommended for use on soils that are water repellent, helping professional turfgrass managers to overcome... Continue Reading
  • Hardex


    Highly concentrated water corrector

    HARDEX is a unique blend of special nonionic surfactants, acidifying agents and penetrating adjuvants. Hardex is specially designed to c... Continue Reading
  • Activ-X


    Fungicide Activator

    Activ-X is an innovative and highly concentrated fungicide activator that optimizes the absorption, translocation, and biological efficac... Continue Reading
  • Velvet


    Herbicide activator

    VELVET™ is a unique herbicide activator that assists the herbicide’s adherence to the leaf surface and improves foliar absorption of ... Continue Reading
  • Bullit


    Bactericide Activator Adjuvant

    BULLIT™ is a novel bactericide activator adjuvant designed specifically for use with EPA registered bactericide sprays for turf grass, ... Continue Reading
  • Zinquexx


    Systemic Zinc Phosphonate

    ZINQUEXX™ is formulated to alleviate zinc deficiencies in crops. Zinc is notoriously immobile in plants especially when spraying glypho... Continue Reading
  • Agridur


    Water conditioner & buffering agent

    AGRIDUR™ is a specialty adjuvant used to correct water hardness and pH levels,  and prolong efficacy of chemical mix in agricultural a... Continue Reading
  • Best-K


    Systemic Potassium Phosphonate

    BEST-K™ is a A Potassium Phosphonate designed as a water-soluble formulation, which enhances a plant's vigor and protection against neg... Continue Reading
  • Phos-Al


    Fosetyl-Al Fungicide

    PHOS-AL™ is a Fosetyl Al fungicide with ascendant and descendent mode of action:     Moves from the sprouts to the seeds and vice ve... Continue Reading
  • Herbor-G


    Herbicide for use in Organic Production

    HERBOR-G™ is an OMRI Listed broad spectrum herbicide for use in Organic Production made from plant essential oils combined with soaps ... Continue Reading
  • Surf


    Spray Enhancer

    SURF™ wetter-spreader adjuvant is a non-ionic water soluble product that enhances the effectiveness of agricultural chemicals. SURF™ ... Continue Reading
  • FosfiCal B

    FosfiCal B

    Systemic Calcium & Boron Phosphonate

    FOSFI CAL B is a unique Caclcium Boron Phosphonate liquid fertilizer that stimulates and promotes healthy properties such as plant vigor,... Continue Reading
  • Nutripower


    3-4-4 Systemic Nutritional Formula

    NUTRIPOWER™ is A 3-4-4 sytemic nutritional complex containing a micronutrient package to achieve a balanced and complete formulation. ... Continue Reading
  • Saeta


    Systemic Calcium Phosphonate Wettable Powder

    SAETA™ is a unique, highly concentrated nutritional complex formulation containing Phosphorous (as phosphite ion) and Calcium that move... Continue Reading
  • Giberelin 10%

    Giberelin 10%

    10% Giberellic Acid

    GIBERELIN 10% is a Giberellic acid (10%) formulation containing a natural hormone that promotes the growth and development of roots, leav... Continue Reading
  • Giberelin 20%

    Giberelin 20%

    20% Giberellic Acid

    GIBERELIN 20% is a Giberellic acid (10%) formulation containing a natural hormone that promotes the growth and development of roots, leav... Continue Reading
  • Humiforte


    Specialty Pop Up fertilizer

    HUMIFORTE™ is a nutritional complex and biostimulant, a blend of macro and micronutrients, plant growth regulators and Humic.  HUMIFOR... Continue Reading
  • GA-3 10%

    GA-3 10%

    Giberellic Acid

    GA-3 10% is a Giberellic acid (10%) formulation containing a natural hormone that promotes the growth and development of roots, leaves, f... Continue Reading
  • Potafos-K


    30% Potassium Phosphonate

    POTAFOS-K™ is a Potassium Phosphonate (0-30-20) available in water-soluble formulation. With the available Phosphorus and Potassium, PO... Continue Reading