Top Products

  • Evergreen


    Systemic Nutritional Complex and Biostimulant

    Evergreen™ is a product manufactured in the USA which contains a complex of 22 nutritional elements that translocate within the vascula... Continue Reading
  • SeedSoak


    Systemic Nutritional Seed Treatment

    SeedSoak with Evergreen™ is a special nutritional formulation specifically designed for seeds. It is a water soluble fertilizer with a ... Continue Reading
  • Saeta Gold

    Saeta Gold

    Foliar Fertilizer for improved Structural stability & Health

    Saeta GoldR is a water soluble fertilizer with systemic properties containing soluble Phosphorous and Calcium to supplement plant nutrien... Continue Reading
  • Magnet-B


    Foliar Fertilizer to improve plant health and increase flowering and yield

    MAGNET B™ is a concentrated, systemic foliar nutrient solution containing certain elements beneficial to plant growth, crop development... Continue Reading
  • Aramite


    Acaricide-Insecticide for use in Organic Production

    Aramite® is an insecticide-acaricide for use in Organic Production that contains a blend of natural plant oils, tested and proven to ki... Continue Reading
  • Nemakill®


    Nematicide for use in Organic Production

    NEMAKILL® is an OMRI listed nematicide for use in Organic Production to control soil nematodes on food and non-food crops.  NEMAKILL®... Continue Reading