Fungicide Activator

Activ-X is an innovative and highly concentrated fungicide activator that optimizes the absorption, translocation, and biological efficacy of a broad range of fungicides.

ACTIV-X improves the viability of the spray droplet, while maintaining the fungicide available and active for a longer period of time.


  • Improves the efficacy and prolongs residual activity of contact, translaminar, and systemic fungicides
  • Helps prevent dew formation and promotes faster leaf surface drying following rainfall or irrigation
  • Improves foliar absorption and stomatal entry of fungicides
  • Accelerates the speed of droplet spray penetration
  • Increases permebealization of fungicides, acceleration their action and allowing for reduced fungicide application rates
UsesUse Rate
To be used in Turf, Ornamental, LCO, and Golf Courses.0.2-0.6oz/ 1,000 sq. ft
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