Acaricide-Insecticide for use in Organic Production

Aramite® is an insecticide-acaricide for use in Organic Production that contains a blend of natural plant oils, tested and proven to kill and control a broad spectrum of piercing-sucking insects including, but not limited to, mites, aphids, scales, leafminers, whiteflies. It can also control Lace bugs, Tent Caterpillars, Bagworms and Beetles.

Aramite® is an OMRI Listed broad spectrum Insecticide-Acaricide that acts by contact and translaminar activity. It does not require PHI or reentry interval periods.


  • OMRI Listed
  • Provides rapid knockdown and kill.
  • Uses low rates and has equivalent activity and residual control to that of synthetic insecticides.
  • Is safe for use in and around sensitive accounts.
  • Does not require PHI (Pe Harvest Interval) nor REI (Reentry Interval) periods. Also, it does not require tolerance levels of residues in harvested food commodities.
  • Minimum Risk Pesticide.
UsesUse Rate
Can be used to control broad spectrum of piercing-sucking insects affecting a broad variety of crops. Insect affected include European red mite, Pacific spider mite, Strawberry spider mite, Twospotted spider mite, Whitefly, Leafminers (Aphids), Asian citrus psylid, Broad mite, Citrus bud mite, Citrus rust mite, and others.32 - 48oz/ac
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