Larvicide-Pupicide for Mosquito control

HALT™ is a specialty monomer film (transparent surface) that is applied to breeding habitats to control mosquito larvae.

HALT™ is one of the few products in the market larvicides labeled for potable (drinking) water.

HALT™ Mosquito Larvicide and Pupicide is effective on all species of mosquitoes and chronomid midges that breed in standing water and require the air/water interface in their lifecycle. HALT™ also successfully controls chronomid midges, and mosquitoes that have minimal surface contact such as coquillettidia spp. or mansonia spp. These treatments will target the emerging adult lifestage.


  • Can be used in potable water, recreational areas, fish bearing waters, all croplands, and pastures
  • Control is by a physical mode of action, rather than by chemical toxicity
  • Can be used around humans, birds, fish, pets, and all other animals and wildlife
  • Provides lower application costs due to low dosage, excellent spreadibility, and long residual period
  • Total life cycle control - pupae, larvae, and emerging adults
UsesUse Rate
For use on all species of mosquitoes0.2 - 1 gal/ac
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