Highly concentrated water corrector

HARDEX is a unique blend of special nonionic surfactants, acidifying agents and penetrating adjuvants.

Hardex is specially designed to correct water hardness as well as pH of water used in application mix.

Hardex also acts as a compatability agent when fertilizers and pesticides are used in application mix.


  • Enhances activity and efficacy of fertilizers and pesticides
  • Regulates the pH of water used in application mix
  • Regulates water hardness levels of water used in application mix
  • Reduces degradation of products used in application mix
  • Acts as a penetrant
  • Lowers calcium and magnesium as measured in hard water
  • Acts as a low foaming nonionic surfactant
UsesUse Rate
To be used in Turf, Ornamental, LCO, and Golf Courses.0.5-1oz/ 1,000 sq. ft
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