Plant Growth Activator for cotton

ROCKET™ is a plant growth activator specifically designed for the cotton crop. ROCKET™ improves boll opening, defoliation, and earliness. It can lower overall defoliation/boll opening costs by allowing pesticides to work more efficiently.

ROCKET™ improves penetration and translocation then disrupts the hormonal transport system of the leaf that inhibits leaf abscission which prepares the plant for the active ingredient it is used with, whether Def, Dropp, Ginstar, Prep or others. It has no activity used by itself.

ROCKET™ helps increase yields as the cotton plant does not abort top bolls but opens them. By setting the more bolls and plant up for maturation, ROCKET™ allows the plant to retain  open them than treatments without  ROCKET™


  • Improves cotton boll opening, defoliation, and earliness
  • Allows pesticides to work more effectively
  • Promotes increased yield & quality
UsesUse Rate
For use primarily in Cotton crop
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