Herbicide activator

VELVET™ is a unique herbicide activator that assists the herbicide’s adherence to the leaf surface and improves foliar absorption of herbicides by modifying the waxy cell wall of weeds.

VELVET™ allows deep penetration of chemicals into the vascular structure of weeds, allowing herbicides to perform as they were intended. Herbicides penetrate best when using Velvet™ and Hardex™ together. Always test water before spraying any chemical.


  • Provides superior herbicide spray coverage and adhesion to leaf surface
  • Improves foliar absorption and entry of herbicides
  • Helps to prolong residual activity of herbicides
UsesUse Rate
To be used in a variety of markets, including Agriculture, Turf, Ornamental, LCO, and Golf Courses.0.2 – 1.5 oz/1,000 sq. ft or 8-24oz/ac
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