What is our NIP program?

Our ExcelAg Agriculture program is based on our belief that to meet the needs of today’s farmers and growers, it is important to provide a comprehensive approach that addresses the three key priorities.

We call these priorities NIP – Nutrition, Immunization, and Protection.

Nutrition that promotes earliness, vigor, quality and cost benefit.

Immunization based on system acquired resistance Phosphonates.

Protection based on performance enhancer technology and our Organic Pesticides.

This program includes formulations for:

  • seed treatment
  • pop-up fertilization
  • activators to enhance the effectiveness of protection and immunization chemistries
  • a specialty line of surfactants, buffers, stickers and hard water correctors
  • soil health products
  • foliar and ground feeding
  • irrigation systems
  • our own line of certified OMRI organic insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, 
and nematicides

Our innovative NIP program is further enhanced by technologies that ensure immediate nutrient absorption, and utilize double systemic action to ensure these nutrients move up and down throughout the plant, allowing for lower application rates that yield better results.

Leveraging our cutting-edge technology and continuous devotion to science, we are able to generate sustaining solutions to meet the needs of today’s farmers and growers.


ExcelAg’s nutritional program started with Evergreen™. Evergreen™ was developed as a balanced nutritional complex complete with 22 nutritional elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, micronutrients, growth stimulants (like kelp), vitamins and humic acid. For years, Evergreen™ has been a proven performer in providing optimal plant health. Today, we have taken the superior benefits of Evergreen™ and created nutritional formulations adapted for current agricultural practices; formulations for seed treatment, pop-up fertilization and “one-shot” foliar feeding.


The ExcelAg Immunization program significantly enhances the plant’s natural mechanisms of defense against detrimental factors such as plant pathogens, stress conditions etc. In addition, our Immunization program also provides key nutrients which are translocated by double systemia: up and down the stream of the vascular system of the plant. Our FOSFI-CAL™ provides the highest Calcium and Phosphorous formulation available in the market. Said Calcium and Phosphorous is available to the plant in soluble, compatible and systemic form.


The ExcelAg program can also enhance your plant protection practices.From activators that help current plant protection chemistries work more effectively to OMRI certified insecticides, acaracides, and fungicides, the ExcelAg program protects your plants and improves their performance and particularly contributes to effectively produce safe and healthier crops.

Specialty Adjuvants

The ExcelAg program includes Specialty adjuvants that have designed to meet strict environmental standards as well as to preserve the identity of the ExcelAg products it is being mixed with. Our adjuvants also contribute to improve the performance of the spray applications at low rates.