For more vibrant golf courses, sports fields & more.

For more than five years, ExcelAg has provided solutions for customers in Turf & Ornamentals sectors including Golf Courses, Turf, Sports Fields and Landscape and Ornamental. We customize solutions to provide more vibrant greens, better flowering, and consistent nutrient solutions to avoid pest issues, while also supplying low-dose, high-efficiency pesticides to help deal with a range of harmful diseases, bugs and nematodes.


Larvex Front Mock Up

Organic Larvicide


Organic Ovicide to Control Eggs and Nymphs

Mitex Front Mock Up

Organic Insecticide Acaricide

Bravado Front Mockup

Organic Fungicide

Magnet B Org Front Mock Up
Magnet-B Org

Foliar fertilizer to improve plant health & increase flowering

Best-K Org_ Front Mockup
Best-K Org

Systemic Potassium Phosphonate

MicroRx Org Front Mock Up
MicroRx ORG

Organic Nutritional Micronutrient Complex

Fosfi K Org Front Mock Up
Fosfi-K ORG

Foliar Fertilizer


Water conditioner & buffering agent

Fender Front Mock Up

Nematicide for use in organic production

Humiplant Front Mock Up

Soil corrector


Water conditioner & buffering agent

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You may or may not have a program that works for you, but there could be opportunities we could tackle together. Are you looking for more performance or for help with a specific problem?

We understand that each grower’s needs will be different – be it based on the crop grown, the quality of the soil on the farm or the climatic conditions. We aim to design SOLUTIONS THAT WORK FOR YOU.

We excel in helping solve problems our customers have, and our solutions are adaptable and can be eased into your existing program. Interested? Let’s get in touch.


ExcelAg is an innovative manufacturer focused on discovering, developing and positioning truly impactful and unique solutions, helping growers achieve better quality, harvest and ROI.

Our reach, from a crop and product-breadth perspective, is wide and our demand is continuously growing. We strive to establish good business relationships that work not only for our distribution partners but also, and especially, for your customers.

Why Work With Us?
ExcelAg carefully selects distribution partners to ensure a win-win relationship for both new and existing partners, with the intent of avoiding overlap.

We deliver:
UNIQUE products
INNOVATIVE solutions
CUSTOMIZED NIP programs for crops
HIGH efficacy
HIGH ROI for your customers

What Makes a Good ExcelAg Distributor?
Strong agronomic expertise
Strong technical support team and focus on good customer service
Drive to grow and help customers thrive

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